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10 Best Preschools in Bangalore for Your Child’s Bright Beginning

Preschools build a strong educational foundation for your children. So, choosing the first playschool for your little one is a responsibility to be taken seriously. Every parent looks for a playschool that is safe, easily accessible, and provides a supportive and encouraging environment for their child’s growth. The metropolitan city of Bangalore boasts an array of playschools with varied facilities, curricula, and teaching approaches. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the 10 best preschools in Bangalore that nurture your kid’s curiosity and help them establish a staunch base for their future.

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Top 10 Preschools in Bangalore for the Best Early Education for Your Child

Each playschool follows a different philosophy and approach to early childhood education. Parents look for a nursery school for their children that provides a perfect blend of innovative teaching and extra-curricular activities.

Here is a list of the top 10 preschools in Bangalore that encourage the overall development of your child with an innovative and engaging curriculum.

1. Vera International Preschool & Childcare

Vera Preschool & Childcare is committed to providing an international standard of early education and building transversal and communication skills in your kids. Offering the best student-teacher ratio of 8:1, Vera is located in a prime location near Marathahalli, this preschool follows a child-centric approach with teaching and daycare services. At Vera Preschool, your child is exposed to an innovative, engaging, and nurturing environment where they attain the basic skills that shape their future. Their holistic approach to your child’s overall development while providing a safe and enjoyable learning space makes Vera one of the best play schools in Bangalore.

Website: https://verapreschools.com/
Email: [email protected]
Contact Number: +91 73 8372 8372
Location: Varthur (Marathahalli-Bellandur Outer Ring road)
Student to teacher ratio: average 8:1
Curriculum: Reggio Emilia Inspired
Day Care: Vera International Preschool & Childcare offers a comprehensive childcare program for children from 6 months to 7 years in a group environment. Their daycare services operate from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

2. Little Millennium Preschool

Little Millennium Preschool in Bangalore is part of one of the leading preschool chains in India. This nursery school encourages all-round development of your child through innovative learning, play activities, and collaborative group work. This preschool has an award-winning “Seven Petal” curriculum curated for children between the ages of 2 to 6 to ensure their intellectual growth and skill development. Little Millennium Preschool also offers daycare services and is dedicated to the safety, development, and nurturing of your little ones.

Website: https://www.littlemillennium.com/
Email: [email protected]
Contact Number: +91-9731322777 / +91-9962556555
Location: Basavangudi, Jayanagar, Frazer Town, Koramangala, Marathahalli and more.
Student to teacher ratio: approx 10:1
Curriculum: Seven Petal Curriculum
Day Care: Little Millennium offers daycare services. Their daycare services operate from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

3. Vibgyor Kids Preschool

Vibgyor Kids Preschool boasts a staggering 10:1 student-teacher ratio, where every student gets special and constant attention from their expert professionals. With a comprehensive curriculum dedicated to your child’s overall development through innovative activities, Vibgyor is among the best play schools in Bangalore. It provides an encouraging and secure environment for your kids to explore the world of learning.

Website: https://www.vibgyorkids.com/schools/bengaluru
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Contact Number: +91 6003000700
Location: Marathahalli, Kadugodi, HSR Layout, Hennur and more.
Student to teacher ratio: 10:1
Curriculum: 21st-Century Skills-Based Education
Day Care: Vibgyor Kids offers daycare services from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

4. Yello Nursery and Preschool

Yello Nursery and Preschool offers an integrated and comprehensive curriculum that aims at the academic and transversal development of your little ones. With play-based activities and innovative learning approaches, Yello provides an engaging, interactive, and encouraging start to the learning phase in your child’s life. With Yello Nursery School, your child gets a safe and clean environment and expert guidance to explore their curiosities.

Website: https://www.iamyello.com/
Email: [email protected]
Contact Number: +91 8748995555
Location: Richmond Town, Banashankari and JP Nagar.
Student to teacher ratio: approx 6:1
Curriculum: Reggio Emilia
Day Care: Yello offers daycare services that operate from 8:45 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

5. Bachpan Play School

Bachpan Play School is part of one of the top preschool chains in India renowned for its child-centric curriculum focusing on the personal and academic growth of the young ones. They house experienced teachers with excellent communication skills to guide your child through the multilayer teaching and facilitation programme at Play Group, Nursery, LKG, and UKG. At Bachpan, the teachers follow a research-backed approach to instill transversal skills along with the skills of exploring and innovating under secure settings.

Website: https://www.bachpanglobal.com/schools/play-school-in-bangalore-karnataka.php
Email: [email protected]
Contact Number: +91 7290047000
Location: Varthur-Balagare Road, K.R. Puram, Hosakote Town, Koramangala and more.
Student to teacher ratio: approx 10:1
Curriculum: Montessori toys and technical aids.
Day Care: Daycare services operate from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in some branches.

6. Footprints Preschool

Footprints Preschool ensures the holistic growth of your little ones with a specialized HighScope curriculum that focuses on their all-around skill development. This nursery school houses a warm, comforting, and encouraging environment for children to learn through fun activities and acquire social, cognitive, emotional, and physical skills. The individualized attention and guidance from the teachers allow your kid to explore their strengths and develop a deep inclination toward learning.

Website: https://www.footprintseducation.in/bengaluru
Email: [email protected]
Contact Number: +91 8010055055
Location: Electronic City, Varthur, Whitefield, Indiranagar, Sarjapur Road and more.
Student-to-teacher ratio: optimal ratio
Curriculum: HighScope Curriculum (active participatory learning)
Day Care: They offer daycare services from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

7. Jumbo Kids

Jumbo Kids is one of the best preschools in Bangalore for your child to take their first steps toward academics. As part of the renowned Podar Jumbo Kids network, this preschool follows an advanced curriculum with the latest educational trends and transcends the highest teaching standards. With experienced faculty providing personalized attention to every child and a safe and secure environment, Jumbo Kids nurtures the explorer and innovator in your child’s heart.

Website: https://www.jumbokids.com/
Email: [email protected]
Contact Number: +91 9945670799 / +91 9980626825
Location: HSR Layout, BTM Layout, Koramangala, Kundalahalli, Banashankari and more.
Student to teacher ratio: 10:1
Curriculum: EYFS Curriculum
Day Care: Jumbo Kids offers daycare services. Depending on the centre, the daycare services operate from either 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. or 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

8. Little Elly Pre-School

Little Elly Preschool in Bangalore offers a range of integrated and comprehensive programs for children between 1 to 6 years of age. The warm and comforting setup of this nursery school instantly puts your kids at ease and encourages them to explore and interact. They follow a special curriculum where learning happens with great fun. With Little Elly, your child can develop transversal, social, cognitive, and communication skills early on in their lives.

Website: https://littleelly.com/
Email: [email protected]
Contact Number: +91 080-48535968 / +91 080-48535969
Location: Bellandur, BTM Layout, Varthur, Panathur and more.
Student to teacher ratio: approx 10:1
Curriculum: Montessori & Steiner’s model
Day Care: Daycare services operate from 8 am-7 pm or 8.30 am-7 pm depending on the centre.

9. Vivero International

Vivero International Preschool shapes your kids into becoming life-long learners accomplished in transversal and communication skills. This playschool houses experienced professionals as teachers who have a special love for children and engage with them to provide proper guidance. Vivero has a unique inquiry-based curriculum specially designed for children between 6 months to 8 years of age. This nursery school has centres in multiple locations in the city including prime areas like GTP, Outer Ring Road, Indiranagar, and more. With Vivero, your child will have a secure and encouraging environment to explore their curiosity and attain crucial life skills under expert guidance.

Website: https://www.viverointernational.com/
Email: [email protected]
Contact Number: +91-9372801276
Location: HSR Layout, Indiranagar, Sarjapur, Bellandur, Whitefield and other locations.
Student to teacher ratio: 10:1
Curriculum: Reggio Emilia Inspired
Day Care: Vivero offers an advanced daycare programme to ensure that children receive high-quality care along with age-appropriate, responsive and stimulating learning experiences. Their daycare services operate from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

10. KLAY Preschool and Daycare

KLAY Preschool and Daycare, with multiple branches across Bangalore, is among the top 10 preschools in Bangalore. It offers an array of child-centred services including preschool, daycare, and infant care with age-appropriate toys and play areas for your little ones. With KLAY, your child engages with expert teachers and classmates in learning centres with an encouraging curriculum. The preschool ensures your child is well taken care of with nursing staff on board, comforting and temperature-controlled indoors, and CCTV cameras for safety. The advanced curriculum and teaching approach at KLAY Preschool provides a one-stop solution to your preschool requirements.

Website: https://klay.co.in/
Email: [email protected]
Contact Number: 07676708888
Location: Whitefield, JP Nagar, Kadugodi, Domlur, Hennur and other locations
Student to teacher ratio: approx 8:1
Curriculum: Multiple Intelligence, Inquiry-Based Learning, and Experiential Learning
Day Care: KLAY offers full-day and extended daycare facilities for children between the ages of 6 months to 10 years. Their daycare services operate from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Choose the Best Preschool in Bangalore For Your Little One

The Silicon Valley of India has a plethora of options when it comes to play schools for your kids. And while all institutions offer something unique, every parent has certain expectations for the first learning centre for their child. To help you out, we have highlighted the main benefits of the top 10 preschools in Bangalore. Consider these options and how they fit your requirements and then choose the best preschool in Bangalore for your kids.

What are the qualities and facilities that you look for when choosing a play school for your little one? Comment below to let us know and we will put together a list of playschools specific to your expectations!

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