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Early childhood education, including preschools, is crucial for a child’s development and future success. During the first few years of life, a child’s brain undergoes significant growth and development, making it an optimal time to lay the foundation for learning and skill development. Vera International Preschool in Marathahalli offers a high-quality well-rounded and comprehensive education. Vera International Preschool’s approach to education is holistic, meaning that it focuses on developing the whole child and provides children with a variety of learning opportunities that help them build social, emotional, cognitive, and language skills. The curriculum is designed to help children reach their full potential, prepare them for future academic success and enable them to face the challenges of the world.

Vera preschool and daycare in Marathahalli, provides children with a safe and nurturing environment where they learn to interact with others, develop friendships, and gain confidence in themselves.

The child-centered teaching approach in our kids school in Marathahalli, ensures that each child’s individual needs and learning styles are catered to. This helps to create a personalized learning experience that maximizes each child’s potential.

The teachers at Vera International Preschool are highly qualified and experienced in early childhood education. They are trained to create a nurturing and stimulating environment that encourages children to learn and explore.

Vera Preschool representative receiving the Education Today award for Top Emerging Preschool & Daycare in Marathahalli, Bangalore

Top Emerging Preschool & Daycare by Education Today

Vera has been acknowledged by Education Today as a distinguished Top Emerging Preschool & Childcare in India. This recognition highlights Vera’s commitment to providing quality education and childcare services. The acknowledgement positions Vera as a notable institution in the evolving landscape of preschool and childcare facilities in the country.

Admission Open for Summer Camp April-May 2024

Join us at Vera Preschool’s Summer Camp 2024 for a season of discovery, creativity, and endless fun! From captivating story-telling to exciting science experiments, your child will thrive in a world of imagination and learning.

Vera Preschool's Summer Camp 2024 near Marathahalli: Admission Open for April-May Month with a world of discovery and creativity awaits!

We Believe in Core Developmental Programs!

Join the Fun and Learning at Preschool in Marathahalli Bangalore

Preschool In Marathahalli

Vera International Preschool & Childcare offers a comprehensive preschool program that is designed to provide children with a strong foundation for future academic success. The program is tailored to meet the unique needs of each child, with a focus on promoting their physical, emotional, and cognitive development.

At Vera International Preschool & Childcare, children are introduced to a wide range of educational concepts and skills through a variety of engaging and interactive activities, including play-based learning, phonics, logical reasoning, numeracy and science. The curriculum is designed to be age-appropriate and challenging, with a strong emphasis on building critical thinking skills and fostering creativity.

The teachers at our playschool in Marathahalli are highly trained and experienced, and are dedicated to providing a nurturing and supportive learning environment for each child. With small class sizes and individualized attention, children receive the personalized instruction they need to thrive.

Overall, the kindergarten program at Vera International Preschool & Childcare is designed to prepare children for academic success while fostering their social and emotional development. Parents can rest assured that their children are receiving the highest quality of education and care in a safe and supportive environment.

Best Play School & Day Care In Marathahalli

Vera International Preschool & Childcare offers a comprehensive childcare program that is designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to learn and grow.

Our childcare / daycare offers programs for children from 6 months to 7 years in a group environment. At our Childcare / Daycare in Marathahalli, children are encouraged to explore their interests and creativity through a variety of activities, including play-based learning, music and movement, arts and crafts, and outdoor play. The curriculum is designed to be age-appropriate and engaging, with a strong emphasis on building social skills and self-confidence.

Best Day Care & Play School in Marathahalli for Your Child's Early Development

The staff at Vera International Preschool in Marathahalli, Bangalore are highly trained and experienced, and are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to each and every child. With a focus on safety, health, and hygiene, parents can rest assured that their children are in good hands while they are away.

Overall, the childcare program at Vera International Preschool & Childcare is designed to provide children with a fun, safe, and nurturing environment where they can learn and grow to their full potential.

Our Preschool & Daycare Programs in Marathahalli

Active learning in a nurturing environment at Vera Preschool in Marathahalli Bangalore
(2 Years - 6 Years)

Our preschool program fosters optimal brain development in children’s crucial first 5 years. With a focus on academics, personal growth, social skills, and problem-solving, we equip them with a solid foundation and life skills for future success.

Enhanced learning experiences beyond regular hours in Marathahalli play school
Extended Preschool
(2 Years - 6 Years)

Children learn best through repetition and exposure to new skills. This program aims to develop five key areas: communication, physical skills, expressive arts, knowledge of the world, and personal/social/emotional skills.

Comprehensive care and education combined at Vera preschool and day care in Marathahalli
Personalized Childcare Program
(For Pre-Nursery & Nursery)

Flexible childcare solutions to meet your needs. Choose hours and days that work for you. Quality care, engaging activities, nurturing environment. Experience convenience and peace of mind with personalized childcare.

Safe and loving environment for infants at Vera day care in Marathahalli
Infant Care
(6 - 15 Months)

Our program provides a safe and warm environment for infants, with age-appropriate activities and peer interaction. We prioritize social and emotional well-being through positive experiences and relationships, promoting active participation and learning.

Engaging activities for your child under professional supervision in nursery school Marathahalli
(16 Months - 7 Years)

At Vera, we recognize that learning is social and play is crucial for skill development. Our child-focused program fosters social, emotional, and academic growth in a stress-free, joyful environment, preparing children for the future through real-life experiences.

Comprehensive care and education combined at Vera preschool and day care in Marathahalli
Preschool & Childcare Combined
(6 Months - 7 Years)

Our program combines the best of both worlds, offering a comprehensive learning experience and childcare services. We provide a nurturing environment where children can learn, play, and grow under the guidance of experienced teachers.

Special Features Enriching Marathahalli Preschool Development

Our Curriculum

At Vera’s playschool in Marathahalli, our curriculum is rooted in the Finnish pedagogy, Powered by HEI Schools, Finland, a research based curriculum and strongly inspired by the child centric Reggio Emilia philosophy. We focus not only on the academic development but the holistic development of the child. We believe that learning is a social experience and children’s relationships shape the way they see the world and affect all areas of their learning and socio-emotional development. Children are encouraged to explore their environment and be active protagonists of their own learning. We will help every child reach her or his full potential by cultivating their compassion, curiosity and creativity at our nursery school in Marathahalli.

The Best Playschool in Marathahalli Bangalore for Your Child's Holistic Development
Experience a Warm and Welcoming Environment in Our Preschool in Marathahalli
Our Environment

We believe that learning is holistic and happens everywhere all the time and children learn best by investigating their surroundings. The different learning and exploration spaces created within the classrooms and the school, contribute toward the children’s overall growth. Our preschool in Marathahalli, Bangalore provides the environment that helps children to grow into conscious, ethically responsible human beings by exposing them to the concepts of caring, good habits, rules, right and wrong. Vera International Preschool provides an international learning environment that exposes children to different cultures, languages, and perspectives. This helps children develop a global mindset and prepares them for the interconnected world of the future.

Our Teachers and Staff

The appointed teachers at Vera preschool in Marathahalli are trained to act as facilitators to the child’s learning journey. They design classroom activities and play to encourage children to learn through exploration and discovery to become lifelong learners. They are trained to create a safe, nurturing, and engaging learning environment that helps children thrive. Our teachers keenly observe the children and document their observations to plan activities based on children’s interests. The teachers ensure that through play, the children learn new skills and create meanings about the world and the people in it in a natural and joyful way.

Vera Preschool & Daycare near Marathahalli Teachers Love Working with Kids and Help in their Growth
Ensuring Safety and Hygiene is our Top Priority at Vera Preschools in Marathahalli
Our Safety and Hygiene

The best daycare in Marathahalli is here. At Vera, keeping a child safe and comfortable in their learning and play environment is of primary importance. Our spaces are designed to ensure that children are able to explore and discover their environment in a safe and secure manner. Our classrooms, staff, equipment, transport facility, etc. adhere to the highest international standards of Preschool & Childcare safety.

Our focus on Health and Nutrition

With a trained and acclaimed nutritionist onboard, our playschool in Marathahalli provides healthy and wholesome meals in the school. At Vera, our belief is that meal times are the perfect time to practice food vocabulary, manners and social skills. Meal times are not only for nourishment but also for social interaction. Our especially curated menus, encourage children to explore a wide variety of foods from cuisines around the world. There is a strong connection between physical and mental wellbeing. Physical activity is important not only for its physical health benefits but also for the effect it has on one’s mental health. Our fitness experts will help us to ensure ample focus on children’s physical health and help inculcate habits at a young age that will last them for a life time.

Healthy Eating is a top Priority at Vera Preschools & Day cares in Marathahalli
Play-based Learning Activities at Vera Preschools in Marathahalli, Bangalore
Our focus on developing Transversal Skills

It is proven that the most important skills children will learn are transversal skills. They promote children's growth as individuals and as members of their community, as well as their growth as lifelong learners. At Vera nursery school in Marathahalli, the daily activities conducted help children learn transversal skills like empathy and compassion, creative thinking, teamwork, problem-solving, self-expression, multiliteracy and independence. These abilities support children's preparedness for lifelong learning, and they build a foundation for a sustainable way of living.

Our focus on Parental Involvement

Vera International Preschool encourages parental involvement in the education of their child, which helps to create a strong partnership between the school and the family. When parents take an active role in their child's learning, it can improve the child's academic performance, promote positive behavior, and strengthen the parent-child relationship. Additionally, parental involvement can help bridge the gap between home and school, ensuring that a child's education is consistent and holistic.

Parental Involvement Child's Education Program in Marathahalli Preschool

Parent Testimonial

Our daughter is adoring Vera school teachers & it is the best school in my personal view. We had to change our daughter’s school two times in 6 months but Vera turned out to be the best one out of all schools. We enrolled her in Vera International Preschool & Childcare after a lot of searches. As parents, we are very happy & more significantly our daughter is really enjoying time with teachers. Teachers handle everything professionally, good environment for kids, they take care of children with utmost love and affection. A very safe place for kids.
Vishal Kothari Parent Testimonial for Vera Preschool and Daycare
Vishal Kothari

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Parent Testimonials

Best Playschool In Marathahalli

Are you searching for a well-structured and hygienic play school in Marathahalli for your children? Well, Vera International Preschool & Childcare is a great option. Children can easily find this place reachable within these zones. Easy guidelines can be used to reach here without any hassle. They can further, make use of our support section, reach out to our counselling team and speak of any hindrances regarding joining, curriculum or other school matters.

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